Data Feed #6: JSON {}

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Elias Nema


March 17, 2023

Weekly Focus: JSON {}

PostgreSQL can deal with JSON for a very long time (and here is a great history1 of it), but now is also able to write the server log in JSON format.2

A deep dive into the potential performance issues when parsing JSON.3

The MySQL JSON data type.

In SQLite, JSON functions are built-in and on by default since 3.38, along with -> and ->> operators, compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL.4


  • DuckDB can read JSON files as tables, and here is an example of querying GH Archive data.5
  • JSON support was a big part of a DuckDB 0.7.0 release.6


What is a UUID, and what is it used for?

Data migrations are still of the hardest problems in engineering, and AWS has written a couple of recent articles about that:

Easy PostgreSQL time bins.

Announcing Data API Builder (preview) for PostgreSQL.

What is advertised Kafka address?

PASS Data Community Summit is in Seattle on November 14-17 with a call for speakers still open.

Getting started: Stream processing using Apache Flink and Redpanda.

Deep Dive

An AMAZING, more than 600 pages book focusing on PostgreSQL internals.7 A must-read!

Performance comparison of the major PostgreSQL versions.

Overview of machine learning-based automatic database tuning techniques at OtterTune.9

Breaking your PostgreSQL database with bad CHECK constraints.


The top five global data and AI trends in 2023 from Google Cloud.

A new whitepaper from AWS on Data Lakes cost modeling best practices.10

Community and open source: the secret to PostgreSQL’s success.

Prioritizing security, stability, and client satisfaction: insight from Fiserv’s VP and fellow architect.

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