Data Feed #5: GEO 🗺️

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March 10, 2023

You should also check out a recent deep dive into a foundational paper - “The Transaction Concept: Virtues and Limitations” by Jim Gray, 1981.

Weekly Focus: GEO

A couple of great posts from Mark Litwintschik:

  • Exploration of a FlixBus dataset and using SQL for some route planning.1
  • DuckDB for geospatial data (spoiler: it outperformed previous winner ClickHouse).2

H3 extensions:

Another approach is to use a web API-based geocoder. Here is an example from a Crunchy Bridge.3

Using PostGIS in Supabase to build an app in Ionic Angular.4


Following up on last week’s issue about vectors, here is an amazing SQLite extension for vector search, that is based on faiss.5


Simplify data loading into Type 2 slowly changing dimensions in Amazon Redshift.

9 years of open-source database development: reviewing rqlite design choices.

Best practices for time-series data modeling: single or multiple partitioned table(s) a.k.a. hypertables.

Choose the right PostgreSQL data access pattern for your SaaS application.

How to use Placement Groups to achieve high availability.

Rust in the real world: super fast data ingestion using ScyllaDB.

Build an end-to-end change data capture with Amazon MSK Connect and AWS Glue Schema Registry.

How to design distributed indexes for optimal query performance.

Amazon Athena editor is finally getting quite a few keyboard shortcuts🙌6

Upcoming Conferences

Distributed SQL Summit by YugabyteDB.

Cassandra Forward and why you don’t want to miss it.

Deep Dive

Great stories with examples from Quora on challenges faced in modelling, querying and writing to a DB of an internet-scale service.7

The power of linked data event streams and timescale for real-time management of time-series data.

How to configure PGSnapper for better insights into the PostgreSQL performance on AWS.8

11TB WAL in PostgreSQL

Designing a new ChunkStore for Dolt - a database that uses a storage engine inspired by Git.9


How 5 fintech companies build for scale, availability, and consistency.

Mitigating financial crime incidents in the financial services sector.

How to boost queries by 800% without abandoning your relational system.

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