Data Feed #3

Articles, diagrams, and news about data systems for the engineers

Elias Nema


February 23, 2023


Compilation of the best Scylla articles and use-cases.1

Addition to the CrateDB: max/min_by(expr1, expr2) - returns the value of an expr1 associated with the max/min value of expr2 in a group.2

How to build streaming data pipelines with Redpanda and Upsolver SQLake.

Query data with DynamoDB Shell – a command line interface for Amazon DynamoDB

I first learned about Frits Hoogland from the world of Oracle. Now he is with YugabyteDB, and here is his profile in the person of the week3 and an article from him about the high availability in Yugabyte.4

Can Distributed Databases Achieve Transactional Consistency on Async Standbys? Yes, They Can.


Postgres System Columns Explained (ctid, xmin,xmax)

Index “do it yourself” - a 2020 PGCon talk from Andrey Borodin, plus you’ll get to know the scale of Postgres at Yandex.


Introducing the XYZ chart: A three-dimensional way to visualize your data in Grafana.

JupySQL Plotting with DuckDB.

Using Datasette in GitHub Codespaces.

Analytics: Hacker News v.s. a tweet from Elon Musk.

Deep Dive

Practical walk-through on data modelling of IMDb dataset for the DynamoDB.5

Materialize is a SQL database built on top of streming solutions, here is a peek into the architecture.6

Sysbench, Arm & x86, public cloud.


Will artificial intelligence eat software and why invest in the database market?.8

Interesting company building an API platform for developers to build apps on top of their data easier.9

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