Data Feed #2

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Elias Nema


February 17, 2023


Fantastic content all around from both days of the ScyllaDB Summit: Day 1, Day 2

Distributed transactions: What, why, and how to build a distributed transactional application.




As always fantastic and informative video from Andrey Borodin about detailed buffers statistics in EXPLAIN BUFFERS:

Deep Dive

Insightful analysis of implementing comparing data sampling implementation in DB versus on the client.3

Article from Alexey Milovidov himself, that stretches over quite a long period of time and describes ClickHouse journey to the data obfuscation.4

Short a sweet deep dive into Postgres Write Ahead Log (WAL) files and Log Sequence numbers (LSN).5


Real-money gaming company saves $1.5 million per regional expansion with CockroachDB.

A very interesting case from a company producing batteryless sensors, that continuously stream data used in all kind of manufactoring industries (chemical processing, district energy, rotating equipment – motors, pumps, fans, compressors, etc.)6

Influx year in review 2022.

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