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Elias Nema


February 10, 2023


The Professor explains how the replication works in AWS RDS and Aurora at the high level.1

Great guide about what to look at when migrating from Postgres to MySQL.2

The Top Conferences for Database Developers to Attend in 2023.


Wonderful 101 PostgreSQL hacking with implementing two simple patches live.

Deep Dive

Murat looks at a The RUM Conjecture paper, describing read times/update cost/memory overhead trade-offs.3


Graphs are at their peak popularity and (machine) learning overtook (data) mining in the analysis of words in database papers.4

The History and Basics of PostgreSQL.


Getting started with Apache Camel and Redpanda.

ScyllaDB Summit Preview: Through the Speakers’ Eyes.

Version control for Video Game Development using Dolt.

What is data partitioning, and how to do it right.


A good sneak peek into designing a payment processor from the database perspective.5

Learn how Meesho uses Redis (and not only) to achieve 30ms p99 latency with > 1M peak requests per second.6

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